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Tarot Master Classes

 Come and sit on the Velvet Lounge for a loving, supportive re-vitalisation in Applied Tarot

These day or half-day Master Classes are designed to enhance and develop your Tarot skills (building on the Practitioner Course) and include:

 - Troubleshooting your professional 

and personal practice.  

- Extending your confidence, aim, and vision.  

- Mastering the skill of embodied readings.

- Goal setting and personal prosperity practice.

- Techniques to deepen and enrich your spiritual practice.

All past students are lovingly welcome.  


Tarot Workshops &Immersion Ceremonies

These workshops/ceremonies are designed for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in their Tarot Practice.
Tarot Cards and Themes are explored 

through guided meditation, 

sound healing, and psycho-spiritual self-inquiry.

A loving, compassionate, and sacred space is created in which all participants can experience fully the messages and meaning of the cards 

according to the needs of their hearts..

All are welcome to attend these day or evening workshops held throughout the year. 


Tarot Short Courses

During the year I offer Short Courses..

Introduction to Tarot (Day or Evening Class)

This is for those who would like a taste of Tarot 

and The Tarot Practitioner Course

And for those who would like a refresher or who have a particular interest in various areas covered in the course

The Major Arcana (22 weeks)

The Minor Arcana (14 weeks)

Court Cards (6 weeks)

The Celtic Cross and Blending (6 weeks)

For more information please contact me 

to discuss your needs.

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