Tarot represents Art as the liminal Space in which we truly exist. It speaks to us beyond words and transports us deeply into our Truth.



Tarot unveils our story, our scripts, our suffering, our sacred selves. In telling our story we are witnessed, validated, and healed.



Tarot opens up a portal into our heart and soul and encourages us to courageously embrace all we find with love, kindness, gentleness, and deep compassion. 

Then we are free to live and love 

without psychological and spiritual suffering.


A Tarot Apprenticeship

It takes time to learn Tarot deeply. 

It is hard to learn from books alone. 

The Tarot Practitioner Course is a rare, intensive, comprehensive, and enriching 12 month Apprenticeship.  

This course will give you the confidence, self belief, 

and skills to read Tarot professionally. 

I teach a client centered approach to Tarot using Depth Psychology, Narrative Therapy (therapeutic story telling), Archetypal Therapy, psycho-spiritual practices, and Counselling Skills. 

Learn to read the Art & Symbolism of the cards at the deepest level 

and bring your soul and the souls of others back 

into full loving and healing Embrace.


Master the Art of Tarot

    Master a professional therapeutic skill that will psychologically, spiritually, and financially empower and support you into the future.  Joyfully and artfully sustain yourself and others 

with what you love and intuitively know.  

Learning Tarot gives you a life-long, self-sustaining profession that allows you express your gifts and help others heal.    


Where and How?

This is an old school Apprenticeship, hands on 

and taught as an applied Art. 

Over the year, I work with you each week for three hours or more. 

I teach from home in Helena Valley, Perth, WA in a small group of no more than eight students so that you have my full attention and personal help each week. 

There are 50 lessons (Three hrs per week) over the year 

(one class per week). 

The Cost is $65 per three hour class. 

I am also is available outside of class time for any help needed 

and I also provide weekly videos and materials 

through an online Class Learning Space. 


Applying Tarot

 This is an Applied Tarot Course

Whether we are exploring the Major & Minor Arcana, the Court Cards, Spreads, Blending, Professional Development, Goal Setting, or your own readings, at every stage the information and insights are applied to real life personal and professional circumstances. 

Tarot is an embodied and living Sacred Art.

I have read Tarot in a multitude of settings and situations and will prepare you for reading in the outside world. 

Counselling and therapeutic skills underpin all aspects of the Course.  There are guided meditations, sound healings, journalling, 

and attentive and loving guidance at all times. 


Your Legacy & Life's Work

· Tarot speaks of our sensitivities, our fears, hopes and wounds, our forgotten Beauty and Brilliance.  

Every reading is a Love Letter to your Soul. 

As a Professional Tarot Reader you can channel those sensitivities and life experiences into your Sacred Work. 

Let your Sensitivities become your Greatest Strength. 

Let your Life become your skill set through the Art and Beauty of Tarot. 

Let Tarot be a Love Letter you read to yourself and others 

over and over again.


Self Development & Enrichment

   The cards invite self-discovery and introspection and facilitate your ongoing journey into your heart and soul. Knowing yourself completely and walking the path to self-development, self-love and self-actualisation is the secret to reading Tarot deeply and accurately.  

As you progress through the course, your intuitive skills are strengthened and your healing gifts 

and life skills channelled through the cards. 

Tarot is a conduit for all you are, all you know, and for all the skills you have acquired and is meant as an adjunct 

to the rich, vast, deep wisdoms of your own Soul.


Ongoing Professional Support

 I support and assist you to get you ‘out there’ reading, with contacts, advice, and VIP access to the Master Classes, 

Workshops, and Tarot Immersion Ceremonies. 

I am  committed to your journey and making sure you succeed. 

It is my aim to give you the confidence, skill, and vision 

to read the cards deeply, beautifully, and professionally.   

Everyone is catered for individually in a loving, supportive 

and nurturing atmosphere. 

Once you sit on the ‘Velvet Lounge’ and start the journey, you are always part of the Sacred Arts Therapies Family.


Journey with Others

Classes are held in small, intimate groups. 

It is absolutely joyful to journey with other like-minded people. 

Sharing our experiences of Tarot, our insights, and stories is the most effective way to learn Tarot, the most effective way to imbibe its Art & Symbolism in full and varied practical effect. 

And what a beautiful fellowship is always created. 

Many who have completed the course have found friends for life 

and feel the support of fellow sensitives professionally and personally. 

The Velvet Lounge 

is a place of deep communion, care, and compassion.


Kim's Personal Message

I have been reading and teaching Tarot 

for 25 years here in Perth. 

I feel honoured and incredibly blessed to be a part of the empowering and now blossoming Tarot Movement, where those with gifts of sensitivity, empathy, and intuition, can find a way to express their sensibilities successfully in the world.  

Tarot is a beautiful language and artful modality that opens up the depth and riches of the soul and takes us on a transformational journey into the heart, 

awakening us to our innate Beauty and Love. 

It is a path of Compassion. Embrace. And Home Coming. 

I look forward, when you hear the call, 

to walking with you on the Path…

Seed (Cost)


  • The Course runs for 50 weeks. 
  • Each 3 hour workshop is $65.00. 

Please contact me for further information, Course Outline, and an application form with  payment details.. You can pay in full for a $250 discount or you can pay in installments. 

I welcome and celebrate your commitment to yourself, your journey and others. If you are here I understand what you value and rest assured I value these too.

Fertilizer (Commitment)


This course requires our commitment for 50 weeks as we take an extraordinary journey into your heart and soul. This is a hands-on course, an in-depth and complete Apprenticeship..   I am deeply and fully committed to your journey. (I absolutely love this sacred work) and provide ongoing support as you start your career as a Reader.

Bloom (Outcomes)


This course will transform and enrich your life spiritually, psychologically, emotionally on so many levels. It will empower you to embrace yourself with love, kindness, and understanding. No more overwhelming Inner Critic. Just an invitation to step into your beauty, brilliance, and bounty. Nothing to overcome, only your richness to remember. 

On every level you will bloom.

I look forward to answering any questions:

Sacred Arts Therapies

Helena Valley, Perth, WA 6056 AU

0409 689 041

The Courses run either on a weeknight, a weekday, or weekend. 

Contact me for further information on dates and times.