Dr Kim Echammaal Coull

 I have been teaching and reading Tarot & Astrology in Perth for 25 years. All the experiences of my life and my natural tendencies lead me to reading and teaching Tarot & Astrology, lead me to my work as a Sound Healer, Musician, Artist, Writer, and Feminist Academic. 

From an early age, I lived a quiet life of solitude.  I experienced the world sensitively and emotionally. I lived in the liminal spaces and sought refuge in story, folk tales, music, and the spiritual or mystic.. 

Not surprisingly, I grew into a reader of books, a poet, a writer (my Doctorate is in Creative Writing) with an interest in the 'why' of who we are (I have a BA in Psychology). 

From young, I heard a deeper call of the unseen heart and soul, a pull back to the Beloved that I did not fully understand until later.  After many experiences - love, marriage, children- and many forays into differing spiritual and therapeutic, psychological paths, I found (at differing times) Tarot., Astrology & Sound. These modalities all merged into a beautiful coherence, a way to express Truth, Art, the Sacred, and Profound - a way to teach and share the Path to Self Love, Deep Embrace, and Beloved Homecoming as Awareness. 

Now, as a Psycho-Spiritual Teacher, Therapist, Musician & Sound Healer, published poet, and author, I am blessed to be engaged in work that deeply but quietly and reverently expresses all that I have realised over the course of my life. All I offer comes from a life time of earnest and honest living, learning, loving, therapeutic and spiritual seeking, of devotion, of constant inquiry - of never giving up. All the modallities offered here I have personally lived, loved, and explored and continue to do so. All have become sacred, beautiful and artful ways to heal the pain of separation, early childhood trauma, and existential longing. 

All are ways to come Home to ourselves with compassion, love, and kindness, to love our humanity and realise The Beloved Within. 

Now in these years of maturity, what you find here on this website is the sacred work of my life born of Living, Longing, and Loving and beyond every moment Coming Home. 

I offer you what I know., what I have lived, what has worked.

Hands on my Heart...

Beloved, beautiful blessings always,


Tarot & Astrology

I teach Tarot and Astrology as a heart-based, client-centred practice, informed and underpinned by depth psychology, compassionate psychology, narrative therapy, and psycho-spiritual inquiry. 

My aim is to embrace, heal and empower others, to teach the embodied, innate, psycho-spiritual, emotional language of the heart and soul through the beautifully sacred and collective symbolism of Tarot and Astrology. 

My intention is to guide others to a deeper and empowering self/Self-awareness, soothing anxiety, quietening self criticism, and healing personal and existential grief. - to give each student a lifelong mastery of Tarot or Astrology (or both) that will support and nourish their lives (and the lives of those they touch) emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and materially. 

This mastery honours the personal sensitivities, innate gifts, and experiential wisdom of every participant as they take these skills out into the world professionally. 

Ultimately, my goal is to teach the healing and immersive power of deep insight, heart wisdom, loving kindness and compassion that brings us into the Embrace of Pure Loving Awareness and Presence. 

Sound Healing & Music

My Original Music

You can buy my CD 'Ten Thousand Suns', an album of original music, songs and Vocal and Instrumental Art for meditation, relaxation, and healing.

Sound Healing & Vocal Art

I facilitate Sound Healing Sessions for Groups and Privately at The Sound Temple for New Moon and Private Functions. Art every session, I sing your Heart Song, a channelled message just for you.


I am a member of a Kirtan Group at The Sound Temple in Sawyers Valley WA. Every month I play alongside Harishakti, Shaki, and Chris Clark as we lead participants in devotional singing from India and all around the world. 

Women's Ceremonies with Mandi J Nelson

I co-create Women's Ceremonies with Mandi J Nelson where I provide a instrumental and vocal sound scape for Mandi's yoga and Cacao Ceremonies.

Nada Yoga 

I hold Nada Yoga sessions each month where we sing Sargam and chant mantra as meditation and sacred practice.

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