Private Tarot Readings


Beautiful, serene, sacred. 

Come for a loving, nourishing, and insightful journey Home into your Heart.. Find understanding, explanation and your bloom..

Online Tarot Readings


We can connect for an intimate and deep session across the miles. via Facebook Messenger or Skype.

Group Tarot Sessions


Organise a group session of Tarot Readings. Share the nurture and self-inquiry that Tarot brings with friends and/or family. 


Private Tarot Reading Sessions

Come for a loving, nourishing, and insightful journey into your soul. 

These sessions - in a beautiful serene, and sacred environment - are Therapeutic, based on Depth Psychology, and Compassionate, Reflective Witness.

After a lifetime of psycho-spiritual self-inquiry and over 25 years experience as a Tarot Reader and Teacher, I provide loving, supportive and guided insight into your pain, your longings, your loves, and potential. 

I can help you see yourself with compassion and new appreciation. 

I can help you become more conscious of your conditioned scripts, and encourage you to embrace yourself, to see yourself as a sacred being who is doing all they can to live well and wisely. 

Sometimes we just need clarity or wish to discuss an ongoing issue or want to find out why we are not flourishing fully. 

Sometimes we just want to come and have a space for reflection and witness, a space to spend time in our inner garden, to wander and ask why, a space in which to come Home to ourselves. 

My Tarot readings provide a sacred space in which you can open up to your own heart and hear your longings, express your emotions, speak about your pain, share your hopes. 

The Tarot Cards are artful, symbolic doorways into your soul and I make sure we find a way to enter every room that needs your loving presence and understanding. 

As an empath, and with psycho-spiritual, emotional, and practical advice and guidance, I can help you feel and understand what is happening in your heart and soul and assist you to find deeper and more constant love for self that leads to the Embrace of The Beloved Within. 

Together, let us open these beautiful and wise doorways into your heart.

With gentle witness and clear explanation, be embraced. Seen. Heard. Awakened. Re-ignited. 

Beloved blessings, 

Kim Echammaal Coull

Online Tarot Reading


I also love to read online via Facebook Messenger or Skype.

If you would like a reading but cannot make it personally we can still connect across the miles in an intimate and private session. 

Group Tarot Readings


I am available for Group Tarot Reading Sessions or Gatherings 

(I can also do a Group Sound Healings with Mini Readings). 

Having an evening of self-care and nurture through Tarot 

is such a bonding and beautiful way to connect 

with yourself and others. 

Contact me to organise a bespoke day or evening that caters to your needs and vision for the event. 

Learn to love your humanity and be embraced by the Beloved Within


Tarot Reading

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A One Hour Private Tarot Reading in Person with Kim


Online Tarot Reading

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A One Hour Online Tarot Reading with Kim 

via Facebook Messenger or Skype

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