NEW CD Release

Ten Thousand Suns

  Kim Echammaal Coull

About 'Ten Thousand Suns'

This beautifully unique album features Kim's angelic, vocal meditations and original, intimate, and inspirational songs. On guitar and harps (dream and tranquility) her exquisite, healing vocal art is for relaxation, mediation, yoga and soul connection.

This album features songs to inspire, uplift, connect and deepen, songs to bring us into the Sacred Heart of Being. There are also vocal modulations - tonal and expressionist meditations and devotions - with crystal singing bowls, dream harp, and tranquility harp to take us on an intimate journey past the body/mind into the embrace of the Beloved. The songs and vocal meditations are a wonderful backdrop or focus for relaxation, quiet introspection and devotion, meditation, circle work, and yoga of all kinds as well as an inspiration and adjunct to artistic creation in all forms. Some tracks are a soothing lullaby that may help in settling babies or young children (or yourself) off to sleep. 

Ultimately, this album is a love song to The Beloved, the unnameable peace and love of Who We Truly Are. It is an achingly beautiful call to Heart and Home.


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