My readings of your unique Star Map are personally researched, integrated, 

and hand-drawn.  I sit with you face to face and explain your chart.

Nothing is computer generated.

Everything comes from the Heart and 25 years of experience and service.



I practice Compassionate Astrology.

When you come for a reading, you are the Sacred Art.

My delineations are based on respect for the life you have lived 

and for all you are and know.

You are seen, heard and celebrated.



The aim of my readings is to provide you with therapeutic, psycho-spiritual advice and guidance - to mirror back to you, through your own astrological map of the soul, who you really are on every level - 

to see yourself clearly , 

to give permission to fall in love with you.

To remember, understand,. come Home.


Astrology Natal Chart Reading

My Natal Chart Astrology Readings are compassionate, in-depth, therapeutic, and based on psycho-spiritual practice.

You receive:

  • Private Two Hour One on One Session 
  • Hand Drawn Natal Birth Chart
  • In-depth & Comprehensive Reading where your chart is fully explained covering relationships, career, legacy, children, family, finances, life cycle, and your psychological and spiritual journey
  • Transits: A written copy of your Transits for the next 6 months
  • A Symbolic Key to your Chart so you know how to read it.


  • Realise you are exactly who you were meant to be.
  • Feel happy and confident in your skin
  • Embrace, appreciate and celebrate your personality. 
  • Recognise and validate yourself with love and compassion.
  • Be empowered with self-knowledge and kindness.
  • Learn how to capitalise on your gifts, passions, and senstivities.
  • Find practical, psychological, and spiritual advice that is tailored just for you.

Your birth chart brilliantly and beautifully reflects your heart and soul. 

Find innate guidance for your journey through life.

Find acceptance of, and celebration for, who you truly are.

Give me a call to discuss your needs and/or to book a time.

Beloved blessings on the Path...

Kim Echammaaal Coull 

Two Hours $200

I offer two hour sessions at my home. My readings are practical and therapeutic, based on Depth Psychology, Psycho-spiritual counselling and a compassionate approach to self-understanding. 

This is a personalised reading that has been researched and calibrated just for you. 

Online generated computer reports can be fun (they have their place) but I believe they can never replace a one on one, face to face session with an Astrologer who has drawn up your chart by hand, researched, contemplated, and integrated all aspects to make a meaningful map of your Heart and Soul. 

I invite you to come and sit with me for a while and learn about your unique beauty and brilliance - to walk the star-filled canyons of your soul with me as your guide.

Astrology reveals you as a Sacred Art.

Beloved Blessings on the Path, 

Kim Echammaal Coull


Astrology Reading

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A two hour personalised one on one Astrology Reading with Kim at her Home or on-line.

To book a time or inquire...

How can I assist you?

If you would like to book a reading or would like more information, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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