These workshops are immersive experiences that explore various aspects of Astrology through meditation, visualisation, sound healing, and in-depth inquiry.  These workshops are experiential and designed to embody your Astrological Knowledge. If you would like further information contact me and I will email detailed information about the Workshops coming up. You can also check on my Upcoming Events page also for the next Workshops available


Applied Astrology Classes

For those who have completed the Astrology Practitioner Course and would like to extend and nourish their skills. All one needs to attend these classes is a  basic or working knowledge of signs, planets, houses, aspects and chart synthesis interpretation.


Short Courses/Modules

These short courses are designed for those who would like to learn the basics of Astrology through Modules.

The topics available for Short Courses are:

  • The Zodiac Signs
  • The Planets
  • The Houses
  • Aspects
  • Asteroids (Feminist Astrology)
  • Chart Interpretation & synthesis
  • Nodes
  • Parts
  • Moon Astrology
  • Solar Arc
  • Secondary Progressions

You will receive your Astrology Practitioner Certificate 

once all units have been successfully completed as separate modules. 

However, you can enroll in any of these as one-off modules.

These Short Courses are offered at various times 

throughout the year.

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