About my Sound Healings


The love of singing is a river that has never stopped flowing and finding its many expressions. 

Now, as a Vocal and Instrumental Sound Healer and Soul Musicality Practitioner,

I work privately, with groups, and at various venues in Perth, Western Australia, including The Sound Temple in Sawyers Valley. 

My healing sound-scapes are heart-song immersions, a form of vocal art. 

Using voice, harps, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, Native American Flute and bells I create an intimate, unique, and irresistible invitation back Home into The Beloved’s Embrace. 

During each session I sing your personal Heart Song, a healing gift calling you Home, a compassionate easing of hurt, a recalibration of energy, and a celebration of the beauty of your soul 

- the timeless manifestation of your own unique vibration, pulse, and exquisitely wrought melody. 

These Heart Songs lift and attune your vibration and bring you Home to the Pure Awareness that is your True Nature. 

I channel a form of Vocal Art to create a beautiful Ocean of Sound that serves with loving kindness your own focused intentions and needs, soothing tensions, releasing pent up emotions, and opening the heart. 

My music and sound healings are hauntingly beautiful evocations and celebrations of The Beloved Within. 

My intention is to evoke a deep communion with the spiritual heart and soul

 and make intimate the Unstruck Sound of our True Nature - the Embrace beyond the Soul.  


New Moon Sound Healings

Each Month I facilitate the New Moon Sound Healing at The Sound Temple in Sawyers Valley. 

In the Divine & Intimate Sound Cone, I take you deep into the profound meaning of New Moon, where we plant the seeds of our longings and intentions into the rich soil of True Being. Each New Moon is a time to make the most of our inner fertility, to be soothed, healed and called Home through Vocal and Instrumental Toning and Sound, to our natural Being of Love and Embrace. At each New Moon Ceremony, 

I individually sing your very own Heart Song, a channeled message of love and grace just for you. 

Afterwards, I also give a one card individual Tarot Reading & Counsel. Go deep into your Soul and experience the Beauty of your Heart Song.


Group Sound Healings

I also facilitate Heart Song Sound Healings sessions for yoga groups, for workshops and private groups, Bridal Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or simply for a gathering of friends and family. 

t is a way to celebrate rites of passage with sacred ceremony. 

It is a way to connect and share meaningful experiences

with those you love. 


Private Sound Healings

Come for a private session, one on one, where I spend and hour and a half with you where you set your intention, chose Tarot Cards and have them interpreted and where I sing your Heart Song and take you Home to your True Being. 


Private Sound Healing

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A one and a half hour Private Heart Song Sound Healing Session 

with Kim

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