Tarot & Astrology Immersion Ceremonies


Come for a deeply immersive and healing journeyinto either Tarot & Astrology (sometimes these are combined). These workshops/ceremonies are thematic and designed to immerse you in an aspect of Tarot & Astrology. I offer intention setting, a sacred heart song sound healing, and practical and embodied instruction and activities. These sessions are designed to deepen your knowledge of Tarot & Astrology, to journey within and experience the richness, beauty, and wisdom of your own soul. This is a group session held in loving, compassionate, and honouring sacred circle. 

This is heart work. Soul work. We travel Home to The Beloved Within. To the Love that we Are

Women's Ceremonies


Mandi J Nelson and I co-create Solstice ceremonies and Cacao Ceremonies for women throughout the year.

These ceremonies  of Deep Immersion offer gentle, sacred yoga, cacao ceremony, intention setting, satsang, goddess ritual, and sound healing, through chanting, mantra, Tarot Card Readings, and vocal and instrumental art and song.

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