I am part of a Sound Temple ensemble Kirtan Group 

(along with Shaki, Harishakti Helen Dobbie, and Chris Clarke) that performs each month @ The Sound Temple.

This is a beautiful Kirtan event where we share an evening of devotional singing, chanting, mantras, dancing, and playing instruments. 

This is designed to bring families together to share a meal and to build community 

and to give opportunity for us to express our love and gratitude, and raise our voices, in devotion, love, and joy.

We gather at 5pm (everyone brings a meal – preferably vegetarian) for a 5.30 pm start in the exquisite Mandala Room. 

The call and response mantra session ends at 7 pm whereafter we share a beautiful communal meal on the stunning Sound Temple Deck.

Adult tickets $10.

Nada Yoga


  Nada Yoga is the realisation of oneself as the unstruck sound and its modulation into the beautiful vocal practice of toning, 

the singing of svara (Sanskrit vowels), and Sargam (the Indian Musical scale).

Nada Yoga underpins all forms of devotional music: mantra, kirtan, bhajans. It is heart-hearing (Shruti) 

and the modulation of our shared exquisite vibrational nectar into sound, a river of grace 

that takes us Home to our True Being, Home to The Beloved, Pure Awareness, I Am.

Come and immerse yourself in the Bliss of your True Being. Use your unique and sacred voice

 to hear your own silent heart song 

as you modulate the vibrational essences of Infinite Love (our True Nature) 

into a gentle, meditative, and nourishing chorus of devotion and deep surrender. 

I will lead you in meditative toning exercises and the devotional singing of Sargam and Mantra.

You are all welcome. No vocal or musical experience necessary. 

This is devotion. It is meditation. Not performance. 

It is a sweet, deep, loving, ancient practice. 

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